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Longfield 30-Spline Birfield/Axle Kit (LJ70/RJ70/Bundera)


Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70/RJ70

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The new 30 spline axle kit is a perfect match for your next budget build.  This kit offers an increase in strength over stock axles (76% Stronger) without breaking the bank. Reminder:  This kit comes with a 12-month warranty against breakage and the 30 spline birfields are single heat treated.

With larger tires and more horsepower being used on the trails these days, upgrades to your axle are more critical than ever.  In a Toyota, one of the common failures is the stock 27-spline birfields and axles.  The solution to this problem is our Longfield™ LJ70/RJ70 30-Spline 4340 Chromoly Axle and Birfield Kit.  These birfields and axles will get you to wherever you need to go and give you confidence and peace of mind to run any trail.

The Longfield™ birfields are made out of 100% chromoly and are precision polished to remove any imperfections that may cause stress risers.  The Longfield™ birfield housing is made out of forged 4340 chromoly steel. The axle shafts are also made out of 4340 chromoly steel. The internals of our Longfield™ birfields are made out of 4340 chromoly steel and heat-treated for superior strength.


  • Inner Hub Gears will only work for manual locking hubs.
  • The diameter of the seal surface of these LC70 inner axle shafts is 33mm. Before ordering, verify the diameter of the seal surface on your stock inner axle shafts.



Application data:

  • NON-US MODELS: Toyota Land Cruiser II, Bundera, Prado (70 Series Only), LJ70, LJ71, LJ73, LJ74, LJ78, RJ70, RJ73, RJ78, KZJ70, KZJ71, and KZJ77
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